Illustration Friday: "Memories"

...oops, I just noticed the shadows on the front make me look pregnant. My mind's going Freudian on me now. :P
But never mind that.
You know how a memory can seem perfectly crystal clear in your head ...until you compare it with a friend's and realize she's nuts. Obviously.
And then you think about it going home on the metro. And on the walk from the metro. And during dinner. And after a while that memory's a little bit muddled and your friend's starting to make more sense - especially if it's happened before and you've been proven to be in the wrong.
I did try a deliberate memory alteration once, I don't remember the details now, but it was something simple like taking a photo and then trying to remember that the dress was green instead of red. And it kind of worked! Of course I knew it was fake, but it my mind the picture really did have a different colour.
Funny and sad all at once.
And interesting.
Very sci fi.


  1. I'm not sure why this had me laughing so much, probably because I can so relate! Lovely color harmony!


  2. beautiful watercolour.
    I can totally relate to the memory thing, especially when it comes to family when everybody has a different slant on the same historical occasion:)

  3. Very lovely painting. No matter what you say, the lighting is very cool. And the concept of tricking your own memory is intriguing!

  4. It is kinda cool, isn't is! As long as it's voluntary... ick. ;)

  5. the light in this one gives it a very interesting look!

  6. Great piece Nancy. I love your line work!