After the concert, Sunday 14/9

Well, Saturday turned out unproductive in terms of drawing/painting but I did go to a vegan convention, looking for stickers and recipes; went on a two-hour walk and made several very rough sketches of some wonderful bridges that may turn into something more elaborate later on, did some shopping and returned to greet my sister and her boyfriend back from their trip to North America.

With that the day was over. No drawings made.

Sunday on the other hand turned out more laid back, with several small highlights. One of them was the chamber choir concert I went to. It felt quite lovely being filled up with sounds like that.

Equally lovely was the feeling when coming out from the concert - the sun was still up but the shadows were stretching and there was a fresh breeze picking up; serene and quickened and rather light-headed, I could've climbed a mountain. I settled for a beautifully sleek flat rock.

I would've scanned this drawing yesterday but the computer cable short-circuited and by the time it had been replaced, I was already more than half asleep...

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