Last minute present, no. 1

Today it suddenly hit me that time's up and that I'll be leaving again in just a few days.
It's been a busy, busy, busy week and I've not been able to finish anything so far but since I don't have to get up too early tomorrow I thought I'd take the opportunity to stay up a little later tonight and make a friend a going-away present. I've done a few paintings for her before but it occured to me this time that, like me, she's a serious cat person and that the perfect gift would be portraits of her cats. It's too late to do it in oil so for now she'll have to do with drawings!
One down, two to go...


  1. Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love how the focus is on the cat, and not so much on the background. Your friend is going to LOVE your drawings. Such a thoughtful and tender gift.

  2. Thank you, Bella!
    And yes, the gift was well recieved. ;)