Illustration Friday: "Vacant"

There's a vacant spot in front of this girl. Maybe she likes it this way; maybe she's waiting for someone to occupate it.

Or ...perhaps it's a boy wearing a skirt? I do wish more men would - on the right person, it can look dead stunning! :)

This drawing isn't actually finished yet, or at least it's not as "filled up" as I'd imagined it. I made it while waiting for the bus and when I got back today and found that it would fit IF, I just scanned it as it was.


  1. That's adorable! I really love this. Wow, you did this while waiting for a bus? You're either really fast or the bus was really late.

  2. LOL, too little time to get home inbetween errands, but too early for the bus - I had about half an hour on my hands. The drawing is quite small...