An apology

...to everyone for not responding! I was left without internet connection for a week and then I was too busy to do much more than eat, sleep and be tired. Not much of an excuse, but as explanation at least. I'm longing to see what all of you have been doing lately - after all, it's part of my own inspiration, if I may be so selfish ;).
I'm still a little bit stressed out but not so much that I won't enjoy my sister visiting for a few days! Something which probably means I'll miss IF this week as well, but if I absolutely have to choose, that's the way it has to be. :)

Orange torso, pink bust ...all that's missing now are the purple nurple pants. :o


  1. Nancy, you are too funny!

    It's good to know you're still around (but sorry for the stress and fatigue). I had been wondering about you. I hope you have (had?) the most wonderful time with your beautiful sister, and I hope you can spend time relaxing. Have a tremendous holiday season!

  2. Am not.

    Holiday season is about to begin, tomorrow I go back online, see ya! :)