the week before christmas

So, my sister came for a visit last week. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a day out; we got our pens and papers and shades and left for the beach.
But the ink dried and the sun made us drowsy and in the end we dropped the artsy stuff and settled for a walk.
These days the beach is pretty empty, just the tractors leaving pretty patterns in the sand.

The beach
turned to rock, fab for some photo posing.

Once back inside, there was saffron bun-baking and eating.

And the recieving of the cutest slippers my sister made me!

All in all, a very short but relaxing visit, for all involved. :)


  1. Nancy! What wonderful photos! A nice, quiet beach sounds like heaven. And that bread! Oh, they look incredibly fluffy and delicious. I wish I could make bread like that. And your sister's slippers are adorable! You have very dainty feet, and if you say you don't, then the slippers are magic and make your feet look dainty.

    Thank you for the sweet awards, my dear friend. I will treasure them because they came from you. They were a delightful Xmas surprise. I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas, full of love and laughter. You are one of the blessings I count this year.

  2. ...if I say I don't? I won't. ;) My feet are rather compact but the slippers are flattering!

    You say the most wonderful things, Bella... do you hold classed in how to be nice? I could do with about a year's worth...
    And I did have a rather fun christmas, actually, despite not celebrating it, thank you!
    The wish goes right back to you. :)