Illustration Friday: climbing

I've always found climbing stairs a great joy, especially those really really long ones, so long that they develope a sort of personality. But I didn't appreciate them properly until I quit playing sports and had to find an adrenaline substitute. The feeling when you've reached the top - or bottom for that matter - is like when the game's over and your limbs are shaking and the bruises make wearing clothes hurt, but the rush is still there and you feel top of the world.
I now live in a very flat, very small town and I can't think of one public building with more than three floors. Thus, I'm having to be content with the little things...
I'm still looking for something to replace what I no longer have and who knows what I'll find? :)


  1. åååh fin! är det Ido på målningen?
    Du får börja klättra i träd eller i berg kanske?

  2. Valentino - han har bantat. :p fortsätter du med klättringen?

  3. Oh, this is so very beautiful! I love the composition. It's too bad this is only a very small flight of stairs, eh? Savor each step.

  4. I do savour, I'm very good at savouring. :p