Illustration Friday: Flawed

Once in a while when I don't pay attention, I'll get into trouble. If it happens too often, the thought comes to me that perhaps I'm not perfectly perfect after all!
It's not a thought that lingers. :)


  1. Oh, this is too cute! Watch your step now. Can you really walk cats like that?

    I love your Medusa profile! It looks embroidered, is it?

  2. lol, there's not much actual walking involved...
    And no, it's not embroided - I had to reduce the file enormously to get it to fit blogger and in the process it got a little weird. :o

  3. this is fabulous, don't we all get ourselves into a mess every now and then, it's how to get out of it that counts.

  4. Thank you Soulbrush and Indigene! :)
    Actually, sometimes the getting-out-of can sometimes be more fun than the mess itself! :}