a painting a day, Wednesday

See, another landscape.
As I've mentioned before, this area doesn't get the type of lush vegetation you see in the northern parts of the country. Although it's hardly a desert, the trees are shrunken and mostly pine, palms and cactus. But, at the end of that rose brick road stands a house with a garden that early in the morning reminds of hazy shades along the Nile. Whenever I pass - normally every day - I can't help but stand and dream.
I hope there's no-one inside looking out at me.


  1. So happy to see more of your paintings! The textures are fantastic. I love your landscapes. This looks like a very pretty road to travel on every day. You're so lucky.

  2. aww, thanks Bella! Very pretty indeed - all the tiny trees make you feel unusually tall and that's nice. ;)