Illustration Friday: 'Celebrate' alla hjärtans!

Do we really need to limit ourselves to Valentine's? :)

(St Valentine's in Sweden is Alla Hjärtans Dag= All Hearts' Day, which is every day if you like flirting on the tube...;)... see next post for a fun youtube-vid!)


  1. yes let's tell our loved ones that we love them every day!!

  2. HA ha, oh, Nancy, she is adorable! I love her eyes. Poor thing, puffing so hard. But I do love that pink elephant she made. :D You are absolutely right. Every day should be Valentine's Day.

    And that I can't believe they actually dined so elegantly on the tube! Poor lad at the beginning and end, having to lug all that stuff around.

  3. Love the expression on her face! Shes puffing hard but its all worth it in the end- all the goodness thats come out of there!!!:-)

  4. Soulbrush - I tend to forget to live by that rule... but I try! :D

    Bella - Yes, I was particularly pleased with the elephant, too. Looks soft and bouncy. :p And the tube-guy, yup he looks sorta abandoned!

    Anette - sweeter for the effort? ;)

  5. lovely fresh colours and i love that pink elephant! :-D

  6. elephants are very lovable. :p thanks! :)