King and the Clown 1

Despite being a bit of a loner, what inspires me most is still other people, and especially stories about people. One of my favourite films is the South Korean 'The King and the Clown'. Although it's actually a tragedy, the humour and the energy of it went straight to my heart. It's also esthetically very beautiful and available over at Mysoju if you're interested in historical movies.

These sketches were made with the film in thought, though far less filled with its life and colour and do not represent the atmosphere at all.


  1. Oh, wow, very dramatic pieces! I shall have to check that movie out. Did you know I was born in South Korea?

  2. I didn't! Unless you've blogged about it, in which case I've read and forgotten - I'm pretty sure I've been through the entire blog by now! :D Supercurious now...:)