So I'm watching the live streaming of Vasaloppet, the world longest crosscountry skiing event - 90 km, commemorating the trip our last voted king supposedly made a few hundred years back. This is HUGE in Sweden. About 15000 participants for this one competition (ca 50000 for the whole week) and that is big for such a small country. :D But big also in the way it's treated - live coverage from 7 in the morning to 21 at night, covering every possible and improbable angle of the race. The most fun, though, isn't the actual lead and who finally takes the win, but what happens further back in the field where the so called "blueberries" (= amateurs) are; there's broken equipment, people getting tangled up in each other and lots and lots of fun quirks from all over the world spexing and having fun. It's perfect for a lazy sunday morning, day and winter afternoon. ...never mind that I'm watching it from a sunny, dry summer.

Here's a pic of this year's "kranskulla" and "kransmas" - she'll greet the men's winner as he crosses the line, he the women's. They're just too cute. :)


  1. Och jag jobbade så jag kunde inte se snoret, blåbärsdrickan och koklockorna:(

  2. snoret! missade det. haha. jobbade också så såg bara starten. inte mkt kroppsvätska där.