My last post there looked a little bit morbid, so I've deleted the whole series and am going to pretend it never happened... ;) But thank you for your concern, Bella and Catalina! I get these stress-fits now and then, brought on by the heat and sun (yes, I know, I'm better suited for life farther from the ecuator, though a rainforest would work too, if someone would be so kind as to keep the bugs away...). The intense sun and the fact that far too many surfaces around here are painted white, cause bad headaches. But once I get back online properly, I'll post something cheerful. :D


  1. WHEW! Ok, I'll be patient. Sending inspiration and wishes for shade your way. Sunglasses, perhaps. :)

  2. Sunglasses! thank you, Bella :)
    Jorå, Cat, det ser bra ut. Bättre, åtminstone. Kollar just på Familjen Babajuo - värsta nostlagitrippen! :D