Illustration Friday: Adapt

Adapting has to be one of the key factors to a successful existence, whether you're the one sidestepping a little in order to get to that goal, or you're changing the world around you to suit yours better. ...My first thoughts are positive, but then I think again and my mind turns to images of 'Lord of the flies'... Oh dear. :o


  1. I feel you. I think our thoughts were similar, but just differently and uniquely done. See mine. Love yours.

  2. This is a beautiful beautiful painting. I see it as somewhat dark, but oh, so moving.

  3. Gorgeous forest! Whatever technique you used to get that effect is brilliant.

  4. Katie - thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing yours :)

    Coreopsis - yes, it does have a bit of a spooky feel to it!

    Elizabeth and Bella - watercolour and just a little bit of tweaking with the contrast. There you go! :D

  5. Jättehäftigt!!!
    Jag gillar det mörka:)