Illustration Friday: "shaky" - がたつく - gatatsuku

I happened to be at a sales meeting a while back, and one of the things they were trying (really trying) to get us to buy was a "shaker". "Shaker" is most probably not the official name for it but shake it did, or at least vibrate. Ten seconds of looking at it and I started to feel sick. I don't know if it works or not, but I know of someone who did buy it so, for her sake, I hope it does!


  1. Haha! she looks scared! great drawing.

  2. Imaginative concept and wonderful line work, as usual!

  3. Fabulous line work. Almost like a drawing from one of the 17th century masters. Very appealing (and funny).

  4. Well, it did look a bit frightening to me. ;)
    jigglyrific? hehe
    sorta compared to the amsters? wow...
    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! :)