Il Corpo delle Donne

I watch RAI 1 fairly often but I suspect it must be either the more somber of its network or an international version, because I have never seen anything like this... or perhaps my brain just automatically ignores it and moves on to something else; I know that happens a lot when I watch Spanish TV - if there's a talkshow on chances are it's about some gossip expert discussing the rumors about the rumour that someone "close to the family told me - because I know them very well, we're very close" and then argue about it... But luckily there are channels enough for all our tastes. :)


  1. Jag fattar ingenting men det ser sjukt ut!

  2. Förresten...vet du hur man avdelar de tre sektionerna med ramar? Jag pratar givetvis om layoten:) min ser lite rörlig ut och jag behöver strukturera lite.