Almost a mini tutorial:

These flower magnets were so much fun to make! To be able to seal the edges properly I used synthetic fabric; by placing the fabric next to a heat source such as an open flame or a stove, you can make the synthetics melt and thus create a closed edge. For security reasons open flames are obviously not recomended but a stick of incense works just as well, I find!

I originally made them with EFA's challenge of the month - next month - in mind but I couldn't wait. ;)
I'd love to make more of these (to use with hairclips or on a metal necklace!)but the problem is I don't have that much synthetic fabric in the kind of bright colours I'd like and I'd rather not buy new.
But, spring cleaning is coming up and I always end up finding things I never knew I had!
Fingers crossed for yellows, pinks and sky blues...

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