Illustration Friday: "Perspective"; ながめ - nagame

From the perspective of a cat.

Any fourlegged beast can hear the sound of a tin opening, even if they happen to be in the deepest of sleep dreaming of food...
When one thinks about it, there's so much more than just seeing someone's face that makes you recognise them. I was asked once how I could possibly know which of my cats was which and as I surpressed the need to stare incredulously at her, I mumbled something like "well, you learn". And I suppose you do - I can tell the voices of my cats as easily as that of my mother, I can tell by the way they walk or the sound of them running up and down the stairs, by where they sleep on the bed even if all I can see is a lump breathing under the blanket. After all, they're family, right? :)
I drew the perspective as if sitting on a chair because all but one of my cats would rather sit on a thin piece of paper than on the bare floor but since paper usually isn't available that leaves chairs, tables, counters, shelves, top of doors...


  1. Good one — I was thinking about animal's perspective too. Love the simple way you use your lines ...

  2. ahhh, linework... I've seen so much *really* nice linework recently, I'm feeling totally inspired to spend a little more time on my drawings! Thanks for the comments! :)