Orihuela Costa feral cat sterilisation!

I've just heard that the Catastrophes Cat Rescue, based in Sussex, UK, is coming down to the Orihuela Costa to help out with the colonies! This is such good news, I'm going to give them a call as soon as I'm relatively certain it's not too early in the morning to be a nuisance...

An extract form their section on the International Animal Rescue website: "Our aim has always been to help any cat regardless of age, temperament or behaviour problems, be they wild or tame."

I'm just crossing my fingers they're not full already!
I've also put up a banner on the right hand column.


  1. Oh great!!! I really hope they can help! So sweet that you engage in help for homeless cats!!!!

  2. yes, we're on a waiting list but it would make the world of difference!