Fototriss del 92 - this is how it looks where I am today - 25 april 2010

I'm participating in a photo group where the idea is to photo a theme for that particular week.
My first photo is one of the remnants of yesterday's rain:

The second shows what's left of the morning mist over the sea and what looks like more dark coming in around the corner...

So I turn around and yes, definitely darker skies ahead! This may or may not turn into rain clouds later on, we'll just have to wait and see. But the air is warm and inviting. :)


  1. Fin triss!It looks though, as some rain is coming your way. I was waiting yesterday, we had such heavy clouds hanging above our heads, but this morning all is clear and blue.

  2. Nice pictures, especially the last one. And the first one makes me think of "the rain in Spain..." :-)

  3. Nice pictures = )

    Have a great evening!

    / Lena

  4. Great pics! Looks like it's been raining a lo there ha? Wonderful spring weather here in the Italian Alps, warm and sunny!!!

  5. lol, spring weather - up and down! :D
    getting a tan in the alps? ;)