Illustration Friday: "detective"; でか - deka

Can you guess the inspiration for this week's topic? It might not be obvious...;)
Sherlock, Marple and Poirot are all fun to follow but the one series I absolutely gulped-down-in-one-sitting- and LOVED it - was the one about The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I thoroughly enjoyed every last crumb of those books - the atmosphere, the heat, the scents under that brilliant Botswana sky still has me daydreaming of a place I'll likely never see.
But that's alright, I'm (almost) perfectly happy just sitting here, reading of places far far away and of adventures with scorpions and deadly snakes I don't really mind missing out on...;)


  1. Oooo yes these books are faves too! Nice line work.

  2. thank you! Can't believe it's Thursday again, though - new topic up tomorrow! Wherever did time go?

  3. This is FABULOUS! Love those lines. Heehee to the teeny giraffe. And the mane on that lion -- fantastic!