ILlustration Friday: Linked; つなぎめ - tsunagime

My grandmother on my father's side passed away the day before I was born. Perfectly normal incident but that one day makes somehow a gap.
Since my father is the only one left on that side of the family, he's also the only link I have to the rest of the family tree.

I'm really no good at making collages and even worse at patiently figuring out this image editing program I've got but, it's a start and I've come away with a few ideas for other projects!


  1. I loved your thought-ful image for this week's Illustration Friday topic, 'linked.' Really like your masthead painting too. (A little challenging to navigate in another language here on your blog.. :) ). Best wishes, Susan Sorrell HIl www.susansorrellhill.com

  2. thank you, Susan! I've changed the language now - never even thought about it before, lol