Illustration Friday:"Slither"; すべる - suberu

I'm forever an optimist and think I'll catch up in no time... but this last month has been one long effort to pick up what I should've cleared two weeks ago. Like IF - I've posted at 1 in the morning, planning to get some surfing done over the weekend, checking other entries, but no, my plans have been thwarted time and time again! So, for today, I've made a quick little 5 min sketch to buy me some time to get some comments out and work done! So, see ya'll when I'm done playing slippery slope all over my schedule! :)


  1. Glad you took some time (short as it may have been) to sketch and share. I love the posture...so easy to envision her sliding down a mossy rock into a cool stream.

  2. I love your ability to catch movement with simplicity ... and your cat painting is exceptional!! Beautiful work!

  3. a cool stream would be lovely! The summer heat is starting to set in now..!

    Thanks, Susan - one can but try and do one's best. And as icing on the cake, one recieves such yummy response! :D

  4. everthing is in motion! great!

    greetings from malaysia:)

  5. *CRASH* in 5...4...3...2........

    Heyyy, what a great drawing! I think the 5-min-sketchiness of it really gives it that sense of movement. She's going to need an ice pack soon.

  6. ouch, right on the tush, it seems! hehe thanks for the comments, all! :D