Fototriss del 98: dörrar och portar/doors and gates

This week's theme is doors and gates; my first photo is of a small sewing shop. I chose it because of the colours - my theme within the theme!

Next, comes a "frutería" - a shop that sells only fruit! I do all my shopping conveniently at the supermarket so I don't know if they really offer nothing but fruit.

But how about this for effective anti-burglary system?

Now, this is where I cross the line just a little - I don't know what the rules are about having more than three photos... but I was feeling trigger happy, so here's a bit more:
Step right in, no need to ring the bell!
What a sweet sign. :)

I fell for this entrance just because it looks so delightfully airy with the light and life coming in from the busy street outside.

But no entry through the back doors...


  1. The more photos - the better!!! söt skylt med handen som trycker på knappen överstruken:)

  2. Wonderful colours in your triplet! :)