If only they understood just how much we pamper them...

Our pets, that is; they may not get it yet - not for another few thousand years or so of evolution - but it's also true that we do these things as much for ourselves as for them, so I guess we'll have to settle with that for now. :)

Speaking of pets, I'm having a fun week right now; I was asked to do a drawing of a cat in Australia, named Milo, so I sent in four sketches in different styles to choose from but, as it turned out, all of them were approved of, so I'll be a busy bee for a while now!

Pets seem to be very popular, at least I've been doing practically nothing but lately; here's one that's almost dry and mostly just waiting for its companion piece before shipping out:

And here's Bello, because he's lovely. :)


  1. Åh herregud vad fina! jag vill också ha den första med alla 4!!!
    Kan du göra en liknande fast med sausau åt mig? typ precis som den ovan? det ser inte ens ut som skisser, ser hur fint ut som helst! Och kan jag beställa en liten oljetavla på Jonas mammas hund också?

  2. herre min jesus! Tur att vi inte är religiösa ;) Visst kan jag väl göra nå't åt dig! Skicka lite material bara så fixar jag det! :)

  3. Awwwww we DO love our furry babies so much, don't we :)???
    Great work, Nancy!!!!