Illustration Friday: "Diary"; にっき - nikki

Illustration found in an old notebook, depicting the day we had to refill the trenches. As the excavation was for surveying purposes only, we documented the headless skeleton and then buried her again. Every entry that week ended with a note on the weather: "torrential rain", "sunny and HOT"; could not use ladders due to strong wind"; "too wet to document finds outside"; "sun, heat, no relief"... On the day of the refilling, we realised just how much earth and stone one single, not very deep grave can hold, and since it had been raining the day before, it got just that little bit heavier. I don't think I've ever sweated as much as I did that afternoon... And since I didn't wear a belt, I had to triple-fold the top of my trousers to keep them from falling off - that's how skinny I got in just a few hours!
...I think I may have lied a little on that drawing because I remember very distincly being all covered up, from head to toe, trying to shield myself from the sun - I even draped a very large shawl around my head (hat included), leaving me looking like a rather sloppy beduin.

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