Illustration Friday: "Giant";  ジャイアント - jaianto // "An eye for detail" cat painting

Valentino is a rather large cat and he attracts attention whenever I take him for walks - some reactions have been of mild  horror and I've even heard the word gigante! But I suspect they were not cat-people. :) Because even though he is quite large and a bit big-bottomed, he's really just a normal, albeit wonderful, handsome guy.
Valentino's sister is clearly a Norwegian Forest and that's where all three siblins get their size, so although their mother is herself quite small, we suspect she likes them big and hairy...;)

I have re-worked this painting many times but I think I'm finally done and will list it on Etsy soon - I had such trouble with the background but in the end I decided for some simple, it often seems to work best that way!


  1. I really like the texture and brushwork in this piece. And, although I didn't see your previous background(s), I think you got it right with this version. It is a very appealing painting, and I love your style.

  2. Gorgeous kitty - beautiful painting. Would love to meet him!

  3. Oh Valentino is such a beauty!!! Such a handsome boy!!! And what a wonderful painting Nancy!

  4. Kathy - thank you! I would love to be able to paint photo-realistically as well, but texture and brush-work is something I go nuts about in other people's paintings - it's the kind of thing that makes you wanna literally grab the painting and just taste it! :D Sorry, hands on kinda girl ;)

    Caroline - Valentino is very sociable so he'd jump at the opportunity to meet another pair of hand to give him a nice long belly-rub. ;)

    Annuk - handsome, yes, and he keeps telling us that constantly, too! ;D