Venting my frustrations!

I can understand anger and I can understand frustration in situations of war and in unstable societies but for someone with a family, job and enough money to enjoy regular holidays to be so disgusted by feral cats that they can't stop themselves from letting me know that they'd rather have them all starve to death or call the pound - all for the two weeks a year that they spend here - that, I am finding hard to accept.
Phobias, too, I get, but why do people feel the need to yell at me or comment loudly to each other when I pass, just so I'll know how unwanted I and my cats are, even though I walk them with a leash and have never forced them onto anyone. If there are allergies, tell me, if you don't like cats, let me know, if something is stopping you from behaving in a civilised manner, please get help.

As someone belonging to a race that can treat others and each other so horribly in every unimaginable way, one must work constantly towards a hope, if not belief, that the world can be a better place, some day. And as a pacifist and a vegan, I have to follow the most literal understanding of "live and let live" even though it feels as if I'm not really doing much more than cleaning up after others - in this case after people who put out poison, abandon their pets or rather than have them sterilised, drown the kittens or leave them out to starve. 
But then again, it wasn't long ago that we did exactly the same to our own unwanted spawn, so perhaps all that's needed is time to evolve? See, I'm ending all  this rambling on a somewhat positive note! (I'd like to add a smiley, but...)

If anyone wants to comment please, do, but I will not be joining - I just really needed to get it all out without yelling at someone.
It makes me sad, that's all.


  1. It's so sad Nancy, there's nothing else I can add. I exactly KNOW the feeling. Just thanking God there are not so many homeless cats here, but alas HOW much I suffered on the Greek islands I for other things love so much. Zoe is the present I wanted to give myself for having suffered so much that summer.
    Just remember there are many of us. I just met one more amazing, wonderful person who's exactly like us: she's from Hungary and actively engages in cat help and animal rights. Nancy it may not help you feel better, but please remember this: for each and every of those HORRIBLE heartless people there is ONE like us.
    Today I made a CATS AND ARTISTS Treasury, it got so much love and so many wonderful comments!!!!

  2. Have a look if you like, it may make you smile: