A day out

A day out, heading for Skansen, on the new tram - Stockholm hasn't had a regular tramline since the 60's but now it's back and we took the opportunity to give it a try on its first day out.

Skansen is an outdoor museum, Europe's largest once, perhaps still.
Here's my balancing sister in one of its greenhouses.

Caught on film, both of us:

A bookbinding studio, seen from the outside:

As we enjoyed a rest on a bench in a small rose garden, the sky filling my eyes and the rustle of leaves my ears, the sound of footsteps on gravel suddenly broke into my consciousness. I wasn't annoyed but somehow it felt as if a complete stranger had stepped into my life, into my personal space...

...and it reminded me of an incident (although, actually, it was much less than that!) that had happened on the tube the day before: a boy, or perhaps a young man, though that makes me sound like an old lady.., a boy with a skateboard. We were sitting there and as usual when you don't really notice the person in front of you, my eyes fell on the details of his clothing and especially on his skateboard. The more I watched the more interesting it looked with its scratches and colours and retro pattern and eventually I asked if I could take a pic. He said sure.

And then my stop came up.
I did all my errands and it wasn't until I was walking idly home that I started to actually think about it and about him - I thought I remembered him having a soft voice and a kind face and I thought about all the people we meet but never get to know, the classmates we practically lived with for so many years, graduated and then never saw again. I wonder how many encounters filled with endless opportunities we miss out on every day?

This one, though, had no interest in me whatsoever. Perhaps if I'd climbed over the fence?

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