Finding a new family member!

A friend of mine lost one of her cats some time ago and has decided that now is the time to open her home for someone else in need, so, a few weeks ago she turned to the local cats home Kattvärnet.
Sunna - chosen since she was described as the most needed of the cats available - is, I'm afraid not too keen on cameras and I had to settle for a few of the other cats present. 
I have, however, since then heard that she is about to take part in next year's calendar... mug shot?

Ferocious as he looks, Prins Daniel (named after the latest addition to the Swedish royal family, I presume - I doubt few in Europe missed that little wedding...;) is a charmer and got snatched the moment he got in. The only reason for him still being there was to get his shots and such. In this picture, he's just yawning after a whole morning of attention.

Sunna can't be brought home until my friend's other two cats have cleared all of their shots, too, and since the sun was out and summer still on, we continued down to Nynäshamn for a day by the sea:

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  1. Such sweet kitties!!!! I'm sure they are all going to find new loving families soon! This Swedish cat shelter really looks wonderful!