Illustration Friday:"Acrobat"; かるわざし, karuwazashi

Despite being blind, Emil is one of our most adventurous cats - he seems to like living a little bit on the edge (I named this painting The Edge both for that reason and for the composition). Here's a little video that wouldn't embed itself but the cat reminds me so much of Emil! ;) And here's from National Geographic Kids, all about the acrobatic skills of cats - beautiful vid.
Below is a cat food spot - almost believable, isn't it?

Link: The hunt is on for Britain's most adventurous cat
But this is my favourite:


  1. Love your cat on the edge...really enjoyed the Ikea video too....such beautiful cats!

  2. Hello, Nancy! Beautiful painting of Emil. I love the texture on the wall, too. You know, I saw the "making of" video for that IKEA commercial. They did it one night after the store closed and vacuumed everything up before opening the doors the next morning. Fascinating!

    I enjoyed catching up with you. Hope you've been well!

  3. thanks Cynthia, thanks Bella! :( The funniest part of the 'making of' was the cat proof wall barrier... I wonder if that was for the camera or if they believed it? ;)

  4. Hi Nancy!
    I loved the cat videos! Oh, I didn't know Emil was blind... but he seems to enjoy life all the same :)! Wonderful painting!!!

  5. Annuk - yup, it seems he won't let a thing as that stop him ;)
    Fourborne - thank you! What a beautiful name - Sage :)
    Philip Morgan - thank you so much!

  6. Emil is so cute, great painting of him. That Ikea ad must be their best one? At least I think so. Btw I need some help about title suggestions for my latest cat illustration - it's on my blog.

  7. I had a blind cat once. We had to be careful not to move the furniture so he didn't bump into anything. Beautiful painting.

  8. But he likes to play hide and seek! ;) Thanks for the comment, Matt :)