Nice Curves, original cat painting

Well, if it isn't Emil, again! He's fun to paint because he moves in mysterious ways and still manages to look cool. ;)


  1. Wonderful kitty painting, Nancy :)!
    I'm back from Germany, back to warm sunny weather :)! Just kidding... it was really beautiful in Bavaria in spite of the bad weather! Hope you are enjoying in Sweden! Do you have (some of) your kitties with you?

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  3. Annuk! Your images from Germany were beautiful, despite the weather! No kittiew with me, though - just my sister's :)

  4. Oh, such a nice painting! Makes me want to stare at it and wait to get a glimpse of Emil's next moves :) (I can hear U2's Mysterious Ways playing in my head when I look at this painting!)

    All the best to you & your cats! Greetings from Finland.