Retro-theme at Filmstaden

The week before last, I went to Filmstaden for their annual film festival - this year with  a 50's theme. Filmstaden is an old movie studio from the 1920's and was where many of Sweden's most famous actors and directors started out. The tube-station is lined with movie memorabilia - below is a photo of the floor, with some of those big names:

But, actually, I got more out of this outing than nice pictures: I decided to go for a driver's license! I did start once, many moon ago, but it was dull and what do I need a car for when there's public transport? I still think that way and I probably won't actually use the car too much but... I want a classic car!
Especially since there's already a perfectly pretty one sitting at home just waiting for me to take him out. ;) 

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