What I wore today, 2010-09-09

Summer's been making a bit of a come-back this week and dressing in layers is the only sensible option...

I started with a green tunic which doesn't have pockets but I want them so it's getting some soon...
The autumn sun is a wonderful thing and having it fall on your face is a delight! 
Until the real heat starts to set in...
and I lost the tunic, leaving me with a blue shirt in the thinnest of cottons and an improvised fan.
In the end I had to get down to the bare necessities and just a little sprinkle of rain wouldn't have been misplaced!

Rain on a sunny day (or sun on a rainy?) is a little bit of magic. Above photo is the view we got just as we stepped out of the cinema after watching Inception. 


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  2. Så fina! gillar skjortan/tunikan som du har på andra bilden:)

  3. Thank you for your comment!
    I love your picture!