What I wore today, 2 oct 2010

What I'm wearing today on Flickr: Jeans! Yes, finally the worst of the summer heat has passed and wearing denim is no longer a danger to one's health; jeans are too warm to wear in summer and too cold for winter, and that's a shame because I love my jeans! Comfy and practical. Very me. ;) 
So, I was waiting for the bus, opting for the bench under the tree in the kiddies' park, over the bus stop with the sun head on... and guess what, I think I nodded off for a moment or two! 
Well, it was siesta time, after all. ;)


  1. Hi Nancy,

    Nice blog! But I think surely you must be English. Or else living in India! How can jeans be too hot in summer? We wear them in Australia all year round.

  2. Haha! :D Not English but close enough - Swedish ;) No but seriously, humid weather makes a even a bikini chafe! Jeans are hot in summer but cold in winter :(