What I wore today, 3 oct 2010

Jeans and a tunic that's a couple of sizes too big but that's what makes it so nice! :) It is also rather see-through so I'm wearing a cherry pink bikini top underneath.
But, all morning, I've been thinking about chocolate cake... well, it started as chocolate cake but I've gone through anything chocolate since then. Not actually had any yet, though...


  1. Love your illo and that naughty cat who's climbing the tree :) You shouldn't have mentioned chocolate, now I'm off on the search for some, I think I'm going to blame you for that :D

  2. Chocolate is never a good thing to mention if it's not within reach! ;D Thanks, Veronika, for the comment! :)

  3. Nancy, thank you for your comments on my Scotsman ;-)

    I love your sketches, aaaggh I so wish I could get pictures out of my head onto the page like that!

    You have a new follower!


  4. I love your idea about showing what you wear every day, and love your style in sketching it out. I won't be any competition for you with that idea, because I'm sure I don't wear anything interesting enough to let people see online!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment too!

  5. Juniper, Linda - thank you! :)
    Dunno if jeans and a tee is interesting, though...;)