What I Wore Today - 2 nov 2010

The difference in temperature from morning till night is right now far too wide! In the morning - since I'm by the windy sea - I put on my warmest winterjacket and wish I'd remembered my gloves; when lunch comes round anything but beach-wear is impossibe. But unless you find other ways of keeping warm, you'd better be prepared to carry that jacket with you all day, because as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops again and suddenly there's nothing better than the thought of a thick blanket, a couple of fat, warm cats and that new, dashing, slightly Dr Who-ish Sherlock I've gotten hoocked on and about to start re-watching for the third time!


  1. Bare legs and a duffle-coat? looks like a good compromise ;-)

  2. Hi. New follower and I'm liking what I see :)

  3. Hahaha du ser så dryg ut! men snyggt dryg :D

  4. Juniper - well, I do seem to get less cold around the legs so yeah, perhaps the combo does work ;)

    Miss Vicki - why, thank you! Love your profile-pic, btw :)

    CArolina - haha, det är inte första gången ngn kallar mig dryg...