What I Wore Today, 4 nov 2010

I went hippie today.
I've had great trouble concentrating all morning - you know those frozen moments when you kind of get stuck staring into space with abslutely nothing on your mind, or at least nothing that lingers long enough to be remembered? Well, there were quite a few of those today. So, did I, subconsiously, choose this outfit because I felt it would suit my mood, or did the clothes themselves actually loosen me up (just a little too much)? Who knows, perhaps there's a study somewhere out there about this very idea?

It's been three years since I last had my hair long like this but I decided today that I'd try to not cut it and see where it took me. The difficult part is not getting desperately tired of it halfway through!


  1. Heisann! Very nice serie of "What I wore today."
    When I was fourteen a boy in my class came to school in slippers - whose to wear inside in wintertime... he was a bit nerd...
    Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

  2. Jäklars vad fint! Och herregud vad långt hår du fått!

  3. Vilt og vakkert (underbart namn förresten!:) thanks! SO many strange people in this world...;)

    Carolina - man kan ju alltid drömma, eller hur! Gräser e ju alltid grönare...