What I wore today: worry

 Why "worry"? Because of the cats, as always - street-cats in this case.
This little white one (named Blanca both because she's white and because we live in Torreblanca) couldn't chew her food so we took her to the vet. A couple of shots and back on Monday, they said. But Blanca is not getting any better and I'm afraid she won't make it.

This one (don't know her name yet) looked like she'd been beaten up - her eyes were red and almost swollen shut and the same for her nose, but apparently she's "only" got a really bad case of an eye infeccion, and fever, so with the right medication and care she should be alright in a few weeks. She's still not eating but after a second shot of antibiotics this afternoon, she seems a lot more perky.

When we first found her, she was very frightened and although she clearly wanted help, it was impossible to catch her, and when we returned a couple of hours later, better prepared, she'd gone into hiding under a small bridge and didn't respond at all. 
I suspect she'd given up by then.
Since I couldn't reach her and she wasn't tempted by the paté everybody else loves, I started throwing bits of the food at her until she at last moved to try and get away, and that's when I caught her.
I'm sorry the pic of her is only through the net of the basket but her face really did look awful and I didn't want to disturb her any more.