Blogger award!

Yup. Got one. From Annuk Creations. :) You know, that girl with the burning passion for cats and for the beautiful wonder that is the Greek Archipelago! ;)
The rules are as follow:

- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you;
- share 7 things about yourself;
- Pay it forward to 15 bloogers you like (but 3, 5 or any number is ok!);
- Contact those bloggers about the award!

So, first point on the list done.
On to the seven things about me... now, this was a tough one - sure, I could list all the stuff I like, like my purple sneakers that are supposed to be two sizes too big but fit my feet perfectly (except that they could be a little wider over the toes but I'm not complaining too much because I always have such trouble finding good shoes), that I like having my hair cut because the head massage leaves me lovingly drowsy, or that I have a really nice handwriting if I try a little but not too hard.
But, those things didn't make it onto the list, so here it comes:

1. Glace. glass i stora lass. Ice cream!
     Sweden supposedly consumes more ice cream than any other country in Europe, and I am a Swede, so yes, I eat lots and lots - even here in Spain (i.e. my part of Spain) where vegan ice cream is very sparse and was only introduced into supermarkets (not even health food stores have any) late last year, I gobble up as much as I can. It is simply the perfect dessert! Or breakfast, lunch and supper, and snacks in between.

2. Vacancy.
     I have trouble recognising people outside of their expected environment. If I'm out walking about town and a neighbour comes up to me, it takes a moment for my brain to click - and that's only if I'm very familiar with this person. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm known among aquaintances as "that rude girl with no manners"; in school, when the class photos came out, I'd often hear comments about how I looked "stuck up"; if I'm asking for directions, they seem worried that I haven't understood properly - I guess I look sorta dim witted; on the tube, that man that always goes up to people to tell them his life story and keeps holding your hands because he thinks they are just lovely - yup, he picks me, every time. I look gullable, I think. It's true that I am somewhat air-headed but I suspect my face is telling more that there actually is to say. ...But this wasn't what I was supposed to say - I meant to tell an anecdote on how difficult it sometimes is to grasp something if you're not expecting it:
     I was travelling home, on a long distance train, not noticing how the wagons were filling up with large groups of people making their way up north for the winter holidays, laden with humongous sports bags and snowboards. As my stop was nearing, I made my way to get my own bag (a small one, more like a suitcase, really) and found it to be crushed under a whole pile of very heavy baggage. As I was working on getting my stuff out without tipping everything else over, someone came over and asked me something in a very polite manner. The problem was that I didn't get a word he was saying. Oh great, I thought, he's got one of those thick dialects and I look like an idiotic snob for not understanding! So, being the vacan not-entirely-there person that I am, I think I probably gave him a sort of apologetic smile and pulled my bag out.
As I stepped off, it suddenly struck me that the man hadn't spoken Swedish at all, he had in fact asked me if I needed him to move his skis - in English.
I hope he knew enough nice Swedes to not think we're all as rude as that. ;)

3. Clothes.
     I really wish I could dress the way I want to, I even promise myself, every two or three months, that next time I go shopping, I'll get something utterly unnecessary, just pretty and because I want it.
And I always end up with stuff I need. Things that are practical, that won't rip when the cats use my legs as climbing posts, or t-shirts that are stretchy enough to allow for working in and cheap enough to withstand a stain or two. 
And nothing matches. Not that that in itself bothers me - I love colours and anyway, jeans and t-shirt doesn't clash, but still, I should be getting everything in one colour scheme and look less like a washed out hippie. 
It'll never happen.
     I've heard stories of how, in the olden days, women kept entire upstairs, downstairs, out in the garden households spotless, wearing heels seven days a week. But I suspect those were stories told to frighten and awe.

4. Left out in the sun. 
     I adore the sun in winter, in autumn, in spring. I survive the sun i summer by staying in the coolest, darkest shade I can find. While wearing long sleaves and sun-glasses. The best time is that short moment when the sun is just about to rise, when it's lighting up the dark but still not grilling my skin or hurting my eyes. It's also a moment of dread - knowing that if I don't get back home to safety within the next ten minutes or so, the heat is going to rush in and deck me.

5. I worship at the altar of the Citrus Goddess.
     It's true - I put lemon on everything. Thank the feared Mediterranean Sun there's a citrus tree out in the garden bearing fruit year round! It's salty and it's sweet, twirls my tongue and litterally makes my mouth water as I'm writing this.

 6. Let them eat cake! I don't want to. 
      I like to bake; biscuits, cookies, muffins and multi-berry pies, bread buns, cinnamon buns, apple dumplings or coco-tops - I love them all! But I seldom eat them myself. As I've mentioned before, I am a very picky eater, and texture is a very touchy subject for me - things with stuffings or marmelade or yoghurt with chunky bits in them... ewww. Yes, I know, it sounds very childish but really, why should I learn to eat things I don't like just because it's the "adult" thing to do? My mother once told me that she couldn't stand the taste of beer the first time she tried it but that she got used to it. But if she didn't like it the first time around, why try again?? Seriously. ;)

7. I have a crush on Stephen Fry. 
     Perhaps not on the actual Mr Fry, as I know nothing about him that I haven't learned as a side effect of watching his shows, but the thing is ...his on screen persona is absolutely ...lovely. Or, here, let's have him explain it himself:

And I know exactly why this crush must be - because I am a linguaphile. All through high school and Uni, my one pleasure were either the verbal battles I had with my best friend at the time (although I'm not the sort to have bff's, so she never went under that name) or when writing papers. Reading good books or watching panel shows like QI are like stuffing my face with bonbons and getting high on the cocoa adrenaline.
 Speaking of sketches, here's my most favourite one at the moment:

There, you now now seven things and more about me.
Now onto the really, really hard part: to choose a list of other blogs to give this award to... the problem doesn't lie in the actual finding of blogs but in me being too shy about bothering people I hardly know! I suspect I may have brought this up before but it really is a nuisance - to me if no-one else. But it means there will be only one name on my list. She on the other hand has no such qualms and will be able to send off at least two dozen names, I'm sure. :)
And so I pass this award on to A Creative Cat.


  1. Sweeeeeet!!!!!! I LOVED reading your great post, Nancy - ALL of it! I should add one special award for the best post-about-stylish-blogger-award ever :)))!!!!!
    Lovely things to know about you, really enjoyed. And you know - your point 2 reminds me of somebody... me ;)! Guess it's an artist thing, ha???
    I must confess it bothered me alittle too to contact people about the award, hate being pushy... so I tried to choose lovelies like you :)!
    Oh, and great drawings to illustrate your 7 lovely facts about you!!!

  2. Hi, thanks you for your very amusing post. I just want to share with you that I also have a crush on Stephen Fry, who I only properly discovered about one month ago. Since then, I've read both of his autobios: "Moab is My Washpot" and "The Fry Chronicles". I couldn't put them down. I can't wait for the next volume to arrive. I'm exhausting everything I could find online about this "strangely alluring" guy. ^_^

  3. Annuk - yeah, being an artist is an excellent excuse for being slightly absent-minded...;)

    玫君 - good thing you mentioned his books - I misplaced one a few years back but it should still be in the house, so I guess I've got a treasure hunt to look forward to...