Difficult words: Algesia

Algesia: sensitivity to pain

That big thing looming in on her is supposed to be a tatoo needle;
when I, many years ago, decided to get a tattoo, I naturally assumed it would hurt, just a little bit. 
As it turned out, all I felt was someone drawing on my ankle. I thought that was weird, as I'd heard that bony areas hurt a lot more than fleshy - which in turn made me suspect that what I'd gotten wasn't a real tattoo at all!
Before I got my second one done, I waited a whole year just to make sure the first one wouldn't rub off. ;)


  1. Haha! I guess we're all different. Having said that, I once waited in the tattooists behind a lad who was about to faint and they had to stop. The last one I had, on the inside of my wrist, was the first for 10 years so I'd forgotten how it felt. I remember thinking 'oh yes, it does hurt. But in an almost nice way.' Odd.

  2. Juniper - hehe, it wouldnm'¨t surprise me of there are people who get a little addicted to that pain ;)

    Juan - thank you! :)

  3. At a glance, I thought this looked like a girl inside a nest, with a giant hypodermic needle intruding on her quiet life.

    I really enjoy the dynamic between the girl and the needle. The way she is not taking her eyes off it.

    Cool drawing.