Difficult Words: Captious; くちうるさい kuchiurusai

I happen to have a copy of The Wordsworth Dictionary of Difficult Words on the shelf, and thought I'd make my own IF challenge! My first random word is:
: marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections.
If someone criticises somebody else or an idea or whatever, I'll immediately defend the other party no matter my own opinion (which is why sports is quite useless on me - it's fun to watch but only if there are no losers;), but at the same time, complaining is like a hobby; finding faults to me is a way to release stress about other things - a good, heated irate about the state of the world in the morning and I'm good for the rest of the day!


  1. Not only do I like the drawing (the line work and the color choice are excellent) but now my vocabulary is bigger too.

  2. Heisann!

    Du har sånn en ledig og nett strek, jeg blir helt oppslukt!
    Håper jeg får tatt fram illustrasjonsverktøyet i kveld... det begynner å bli sent. Kanskje det må vente ;:OD)

    Ha en fin kveld, Nancy!

  3. Sam - thank you! I'm making this my excuse to practise drawing and learn two languages at the same time. ;)

    Vilt - Ibland får man vara försiktig med sina intressen - att sitta uppe o rita hela natten kan vara underbart, om man är villig att betala för det följande dag ;)