Illustration Friday: "Resolution", きぜんとして kizentoshite

I don't do New Year resolutions, simply because I never started and so it never got to be a habit. Nor do I have a ny filthy habits to kick. But, since it has come up now, through IF, I thought I'd take the opportunity to make a (sort of) resolution this year: that to say NO.
I do find it difficcult to turn people down - one does so want to be polite and friendly with everybody! One of the things that change as you become an adult, is the way in which you associate with other people - if they're single, it's more or less a continuation of your school years, only a bit less restricted. As you're growing older, however, those friends turn into couples and you no longer hang out but instead invite each other over for dinner parties. Now, this wouldn't be a problem for me if they were all vegans or vegetarians (for animal rights reasons - not the kind that will still eat fish and chicken because they're trying to eat healthily) or even just there for the company rather than to eat. Unfortunately, many of my acquaintances - of the married sort - have never heard of veganism or think very little of it. 
These last two years in particular I've come into contact with several very pleasant couples I don't mind spending time with - as long as it's not over dinner; they are either very, very interested in food and talk of little else (food to me is more or less to stop me from starving) or country folk who keep animals for their meat, and sooner or later the discussions always turn to topics such as what kind of meats work best for grilling, and why; how to cut the meat in the best way, what kind of fodder gives the most tender result, how to kill a pig and what parts of it give the juiciest sausages. These are people I meet most every day so I can't very well unsubscribe, but I think I'll have to find other ways to be sociable, because this is doing my head in!

On the other hand, being a vegan has given me an excellent excuse to not eat all the things I don't like - I am a very picky eater and I've always felt rather like a spoilt child that won't eat its peas - until someone tries to be nice and offer boiled veggies...

I just noticed there's a fork missing on the table... Must be under it. 
Speaking of forks, one of my first, very distinct, memories, involves one. It was in kindergarden and we were waiting for lunch, sitting at the table, playing around or whatever kids do. My entire focus was on the tooth that was now loose and mostly holding on to its last string and as I was concentrating on pushing it around with my tongue, somehow the fork also made its way in there - there must be some sort of primeval instinct to put things in our mouths (and it is something you don't really grow out of) - when the teacher announces that the food in ready and "everybody straight and hands under the table, please!"... At which point I realise that the tooth has wedged itself between the teeth of the fork and is quite stuck. I try to wrestle it gently but the fork won't come out and I can't very well sit there with a fork sticking out of my mouth, and so I try a little harder and plop! tooth and all exits. I put the tooth in my pocket, wipe the fork and pretend nothing's happened.


  1. Excellent drawing Nancy - I admire your patience with the wallpaper!

    I laughed at the tooth story, I rather miss the experience of first teeth coming out, there was something so satisfying about playing with a wobbly tooth. My most memorable loss was in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while I was in the States.

    I can imagine your problems with dinner parties, I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, but I can sympathise!

    Have a Happy New Year and good luck with saying 'No'!

    J x

  2. I love the scowl on the little girl's face. Very nice!

  3. Great expressive line work! Happy New Year!

  4. Heisann!
    What a nice little story from the kinder garden!
    Your illustration is fabulous, and you are right in your considerations.

    Wish you an interesting year ;:OD)

  5. What a delightful drawing--great expressions, and most marvelous pig on the table.

    That's funny about dinner-time conversations. I eat with other people a lot, but they're usually potlucks, and since a good proportion of the folks are vegetarian, and most of the folks are fantastic cooks, the food is always good, and it's only very rarely talked about.

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Nancy :)!!!!
    May it be a year where you can meet lots and lots of kindred souls!!! I KNOW the problem (I'm vegetarian), it's kind of hurting all the time... But thanks God my best friend (who happens to be my cousin) and my beloved are veggies too :)!

  7. Hahaha det har du aldrig berättat! Jag ryser när jag tänker metall i tandhål.....!!
    Grisen ser hysteriskt rolig ut , du skulle ju kunna rita satirer till tidningar. Jättebra gjort!

  8. You raise some interesting points and i love your illustration...
    you made me think about whether i speak about food much... I dont think I am one of those people who focus on it too much and certainly not the specifics.

  9. Great stuff! Wishing you a wonderful 2011

  10. Juniper - in a soft sandwich? That sounds kinda gooey and gross...;) Yes, playing the wobbly could keep you amused for ever!

    Grandma Coco, Indigene, Vilt og Vakkert, Juan - thanks a lot and I hope you have a fantastic 2011! :)

    Coreopsis - ahh, your dinners sound just my thing! Potlucks are simply the best!

    Annuk - yes, friends that share your really important interests are great... sound weird to say it but it's true - we have friends/people we hang out with that fit different pockets of our lives, don't we? Or, at least I do. ;)

    Carolina - tja, det var ju inte nå'n riktigt viktig historia som bara måste ut.. ;) Metall i munnen nu får mig bara att tänka på blod ick!

    Janet Dibbydabby - well, being a vegan, I'm sometimes just slightly obsessed with food - where to get it, which brands work, any new products on the market etc, but that's mostly with veg friends who have the same issues. And I think that's probably the issue - to adjust to your surroundings. Which is what I tried here, but since it didn't work, I'm adjusting that particular surrounding to fit me instead. ;)