Illustration Friday:"surrender"; てわたす tewatasu

I will not say I believe human kind will eventually better itself and not only end wars and world hunger but also start showing more tolerance, solidarity and humanitarism -  I will not say so, because to believe is to know and that's impossible without a time machine or the gift of prophecy.  
But I can hope.
So, I shall stand above petty, threatening, malignant cat hating neighbours, ignore nikotin addicts who litter the streets and care nothing for the well being of the staff who often don't have much to say when chosing jobs, and I'll smile and pretend not to notice when someone looks down on me for I know I'm perfectly perfect in every way; in short, I shall keep my rosecoloured glasses on and not surrender to the dark side of the human race.
I actually had a particular situation in mind for this drawing - that blank flag she's holding would in my case have words of encouragement written on it for all the single persons out there who don't mind being single. Seriously, some people are as eager as medieval crusading missionaries to prove that the coupled way of life is the preferred one - for everyone:
If I say I have no boyfriend, they pat me on the head (figuratively) and tell me it's alright, I too shall find someone special, someday.
If I say that I'm not looking for a boyfriend, they want to know if perhaps I prefer girls, and if not, if I shouldn't be more worried about my clock ticking away.
If I say I can't really hear the ticking and am not, in fact, sure I have a clock at all, there is a pause.
Because, honestly, if I don't even want to give birth and can't use a career or wild nights downtown as excuses, then, what's the point of me?
And that's the eternal question, I guess. 
Luckily, I'm too airy to be bothered by what people think of me (in that department, at least).
And besides, it's not as if we're at risk of dying out as a species! In fact, if every single person, starting tomorrow, only produced one single offspring to replace them, we'd still have plenty to go around for a long time to come.
There was a time when I would actually debate with myself whether or not to lie and claim boyfriend status just to skip that whole explaning part, but then they'd want to know details and I'd have to come up with complex fake excuses as to why I never never brought him along. In the end it seemed easier to stick to the truth!
However, I still use the fake boyfriend rutine when I get unwanted attention, and I know I'm not alone in doing that. ;) //edit// It occurred to me over night that I have actually never used the sentence 'I have a boyfriend', but that that is what is implied when I don't contradict a direct question. Most people back off at a simple 'no thanks'! ;)

...umm, was I making a point or did I lose the plot somewhere along the way? I think probably the latter.

But speaking of essential things, here's an interesting documentary by philosopher Roger Scruton on the importance of beauty in the world and in our lives:


  1. This drawing is awesome. I draw every day too. Haven't missed a day in over a year.

    I really like the pilot's hat!

    Great blog.

  2. Great entry for IF and a very sweet banner
    regards from Germany


  3. Stolt syssteryster! Jag skrattade lite för mig själv när jag föreställde mig dig ha "vilda nätter" ute på stan :D !!
    Bra skrivet och snygg illo!

    Snart kommer jag!

  4. I don't know why everyone thinks everyone should be in a relationship. My mom had a friend who never married or had children. She toured the world every year. What's wrong with that?

  5. Beautiful illustration! Be who you are, and surrender to yourself only. Great talent!

  6. Fantastic post, Nancy...I am so happy that you've not surrendered to the dark side and you stick to your guns..that is the way to do it in this world of so many verbalized opinions...
    your illustration is wonderful!! Love her stance. : )

  7. Great picture and prose - keep on fighting :)

  8. Hooray! She's got her feet firmly planted, and she's not going anywhere. Great drawing! And I would give you a great big hug for not bending because of what other people do or say. You are already complete and happy. And you are more worthwhile than some married people I know. ;)

    Viva les rose colored glasses!

  9. Rubin - how very cool that you manage to keep it up every single day! Sure, I do doodle but I can't say I actually make something post-worthy every time ;)

    Janine - thank you! From Spain :)

    Carolina - menar du att du aldrig följt med på mina turer under borden runt Sture?? Måste komma ihåg att dra med dig nästa gång ;)

    Belle - what a great aunt she must've been! I bet she had fab stories to tell her nieces!

    Indigene - 'surrender to yourself only' sounds like a great motto, thanks Indigene

    Thanks, Juan! :)

    Shirley - thanks so much! Not to say I don't vent my opinions...;)

    Tony - I will! Thanks :)

    Bella Sinclaire - thanks ever so much! I was watching a tv-series jsut yesterday, set in the regency era, and some of the women pointed out (about themselves) that they were born spinsters and everyone just agreed as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I went 'HA!' heh.