One photo a day, 3

Just this morning - very appropriately - I found a new slang expression: cousin Red came today. Lingonberry week I've heard it called in Sweden. But cousin Red sounds rather more debonaire, very Gone with the wind  (even if the movie itself is far too tragic and über romantic for my tastes); Red makes it sound like a visitor you look forward to. It does have its purposes, of course, but for those of us not taking advantage of those, it's just a literal pain in the back. 
But Red doesn't bother me too much when he comes over, so I consider myself one of the lucky ones - I know people he's just downright mean to and they never did anything to deserve that kind of attitude!
Red's visits does however do something to my apetite or, rather, he makes my stomach lose all sense of proportion - it's not that I'm really hungry but somehow I always feel empty and I never get full. It's very odd and makes me unattentive in very much the same way you do when you're hungry and can't concentrate.
Ah, well, he never stays the full week and if I can only get hold of some chocolate...

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