What I wore today, 18 jan

No, I haven't been keeping news from you ;) But it occured to me the other day that those big soft dresses with pockets that I can't get enough of, aren't too different from the stuff you'd find in the maternity section... And me wearing this just yesterday may possibly have reminded me of that because last night I dreamt I was pregnant.
And then I was nearly knocked down by a yellow sports car skidding around a corner.
Not while being pregnant, though - this was a separate dream.
They said on that Patricia Arquette-Medium show once that a person has 6 dreams in one night. I wish I could remember the other four, because these , to me, seem like an odd combination of dreams and I'm really curious about the others now - were they as weird or were they just a recapitulation of the day?
BTW, I wore head to toe blue. I think that was a first for me.


  1. Love the drawing! Especially the expression on the face.
    As for dreams, I'm going to guess weird - the other night I dreamed about a giant robot the size of a skyscraper, and I'm pretty sure that didn't happen that day.

  2. My daughter had a top that looked a bit like a maternity style. Everyone kept asking her when whe was due. It drove her crazy, so she quit wearing it.

  3. Sam - no, you're probably right - a robot like that would've made the news. I think.

    Belle - haha, that's cute! :D