New print in the shop

I know, I tend to skip promoting my own shop here on the blog but here's my latest listing.
We all talk with our cats, don't we? And yes, I did mean talk with, rather than talk to, because I know at least mine have a lot to say, and not always solely as a response to a direct question.
I read once that cats living with humans talk a lot more than wild cats or street cats, and that's because they're mimicking our way of comunicating - since we don't understand their language, they try to speak ours.
It is also said that kittens who are exposed to a lot of mental stimulation grow more intelligent - this sounds very similar to those stories of children that grew up in the wild and never learned to talk and never quite developed properly. Does this mean that, if we breed cats (or any animal), we could have inter-species co-ed schools in the future - perhaps on Mars?


  1. I visited your store and my husband says I can order a print tomorrow (payday). Your paintings are so lovely.

  2. This is so sweet. I love your artistic style...and I adore the pose you have illustrated here. reminds me of my little girls and our cats! xo

  3. Belle - aww, thank you so much! I wonder which one you'll chose... my favourites are seldom other people's favourites. But that's probably because my reasons are personal ;)

    Heather - thank you! yeah, that pose, I really did try to put a childish spin to it, I guess I did well, huh? ;)