Photo 14

Well, it seems using a camera is not for me - I never remember to keep it with me, and even when I do, I forget all about whatever pcitures I took and miss to post them.
I'm going from a photo a day, to a photo whenever I get around to it.
One reason as to why I'm not taking photos, is that I'm always having my mind on other things - painting for example. And this week, this painting below to be specific. 
This is what happens when you have an idea but you're not really inspired and get bored after the first layer, so you abandon your original plan and try a new layout but that doesn't work either, so you change the mood. But that doesn't make you any happier and before you know it, you're stuck with a painting that's going in seven different directions at once.
I woke up this morning, took one look at it and felt utterly disgusted.
But then I took the cats for a walk and my mind cleared and now I'm itching to give it another go! :)


  1. Sorry you are having problems with your painting. I know what that is like.
    I must have deleted your email, but I will tell you what I would like for the mini-print. I'd like Daydreaming. Thanks so much.