Photo 16

I wrote about this little one a while back - she had an eye infeccion and eventually lost her left eye. She still comes to visit, especially when it's raining, and when she does, there's a nice warm bed for her under the parasol. She's old enough now to be meeting boys and since the last couple of nights have suddenly seen an increase in tomcats sniffing around the house, it seemed time to get her spayed. Luckily she didn't mind much when put in the cage. 
She's awake now, and hungry!


  1. I'm so happy to know she's well and that you even had her spayed! Great job sweetie and THANK YOU for all you're doing for the kitties!!!!!!

  2. I agreed with every word Annuk said! All the best to you & the cats - and warm greetings from freezing Finland! Virve

  3. your blog makes me smile, lots of cats here, i love cats ^_^