What I wore today 17 feb 2011

My sister came for a visit and I ended up leaving the computer to go out and play.
But now it's time to recap; here are some of the drawings made in the past week.

New clothes are fabulous! But I don't have the patience to do the shopping. 
I don't mind sitting around waiting for other people to try things on, though, and that's the good thing about having a sister with whom you share a similar taste in fashion - if I follow her around the shops, I don't have to wade through all the boring stuff to get to the nice things! And that's how we ended up buying 70's heavily flared jeans. They do require clogs, though. Luckily enough, being Swedish, I do have some lying around. ;)


  1. Nä fasiken vad snyggt! Får jag låna din bild till min blogg för mitt nästa inlägg om vistelsen i Spanien? jag länkar naturlish!

  2. I love your 70th like trousers.
    Wonderful sketch again.
    You should make a book just of "What I wore today"
    Have a great weekend

  3. C - självklart!

    Janine - hmm, I guess I could make a quick flip-through, like a diary!

    Rubin - yay! thanks :)